Website Structure

The entire website is divided into three main modules,solver module, tool module and statistic module


Solver Module

In this module, you can quickly check which problem solving platform supports, which solving server is provided, and then select the problem input type you want to deal with, input various parameters, and submit the form. After the form is submitted, it will automatically enter the result waiting page

Tool Module

Each time the form is submitted, a unique job number and password will be generated. According to the job number and password, you can view the results of historical jobs through the tool module, cancel jobs in progress, or browse jobs in progress in the entire system

Statistic Module

Every day we will make statistics of the solving task data of the entire website. You can quickly understand these data through some charts in this module. At the same time, we will publish some analysis data of the entire website every month, which you can download and view at any time

Last Updated: 06/14/2022