Optimization request record

Request list

Every time a optimization is initiated based on a problem or problem set, a record will be added to the request list. The status of the request record is:

  • Waiting (this optimization has not yet started to solve)
  • Calculating
  • Finish
  • Fail
  • Cancellation (user voluntarily cancels)

The request list will display all historical request records and related information of the user:

Details of request records initiated based on problems

For the completed request record, you can click Details to view the detailed content. The detailed content is displayed in two structures according to the optimization type:

Details 1: Based on the problem

The request ID and problem name will be displayed above the details list

Problem-based request record details

Details 2: Based on the problem set

The request ID is displayed above the detail list, and the first column of the list is the problem name under the problem set.

The optimization request information of different problems under the same problem set can be viewed through the list.

Details of request records initiated based on problems

Last Updated: 07/31/2023