Introduction to Advanced Features

The entire system users are divided into two types: tourists and registered users. For these two types of users, the open functional modules are different. Here we mainly introduce the functional modules that registered users can use.

Personal Information Management

Through the personal homepage, you can perform operations such as viewing personal information and account management, which is convenient for users to manage personal and account information.

Problem (Case) Maintenance (Problem)

Problems are managed through the file system. Users can create new folders, upload problem files and delete files in the specified folder. After the problem files are successfully uploaded, asynchronous file analysis will be performed automatically. The analysis script is automatically provided by the platform, and the problem analysis results will be stored in The database is associated with the problem, and the user can view the analysis results on the problem details page.

  • Initiates optimization directly based on a single problem.

  • Multiple problems (can cross folders) can be added to the processing pool and set as a problem set, and optimization can be initiated based on the problem set.

  • Directly add multiple problems into the processing pool and initiate optimization (the system will automatically generate a system problem set, and distinguish it from the artificially generated problem set by Tag)

Problem Set Maintenance (Problem Set)

A problem set is a simple collection of problems (the page displays artificially generated problem sets by default). Users can view the problem-set list and problem-set details on the page, delete problem sets (the problem files will not be deleted), and initiate optimization based on problem sets.

Through the filtering function, the user can view the manual/system/all problem sets generated under the current account.

Optimization request management (Request)

The optimization request is the historical record of the optimization, and the user can view the list of all historical records and the details of each record.

Whether it is based on a problem set, or based on a single or multiple problems, only one record (a request ID) will be generated, and it will only correspond to a unique problem-set ID. Depending on the type of problem, the details of the record will be different.

Optimization result management (Result)

The optimization result is a summary of historical optimization data in units of problems after the user initiates a request. The user can view all the optimization results of all problems and the original log of the solver for the problem.

A request ID may correspond to multiple optimization results.

Last Updated: 07/31/2023