COPT Web Licensing Service

COPT’s Web Licensing Service provides users with remote licensing services. Regardless of whether the client is located in the cloud or in a container, as long as it can access the Internet through the HTTPS protocol, it can obtain the Token from COPT’s Web License server to run COPT without binding any hardware information.

Therefore, compared with traditional authorization methods, Web License is not limited to fixed hardware environments, flexibly supporting multiple users, and is suitable for container deployment (such as Docker) and cloud deployment (Internet environment is required). Its characteristics are summarized as follows:

  1. It does not bind to any hardware information, flexibly supporting scenarios such as cloud and container deployment (hardware do not need to be fixed);

  2. No version restrictions, support cross-version usage;

  3. At least one machine needs to be connected to the Internet (remote communication with the web server);

  4. Provide a Web License Page for users to obtain and manage licenses by themselves, which is user-friendly and convenient.

At the same time, corresponding to the traditional authorization method, Web License also includes three subcategories: Web License, Web License for Floating Server, and Web License for Compute Cluster.

Web License

It supports the deployment of servers running COPT in the cloud development environment (without binding any machine hardware information), and supports multiple modeling and solving tasks on the server at the same time.

Web License for Floating Server

It supports deploying a floating token server in a cloud development environment (the server needs to connect to the Internet and obtain remote authorization via Web License), and then use the floating token server to authorize other machines (clients) within the local network to run COPT.

Web License for Compute Cluster

It supports setting up one or more computing cluster servers in the cloud development environment. Modeling can be performed on the local machine (client) within the local network while optimization can be conducted on the remote cluster server machine (server), so that the powerful computing resources of the server can be efficiently utilized.

Users need to register on the COPT Web License web page first. After logging in, they can apply directly on the page to obtain the above three types of Web licenses, create new API Keys, obtain license files, and manage token occupancy and usage.

For more information on Web License or installation and usage tutorials, please refer to the Web License web help documentation. If you have any further questions about web licensing, please contact us as follows:

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